Braslav lake National Park

Since ancient times the Lakeland of Braslav lakes is an unforgettable net of about 300 natural lakes located in the northwest of Belarus (250 km from Minsk) in the National Park «Braslav Lakes». “

The blue necklace of Belarus” – so it is called – is attracting, explorers, birdwatchers, hunters and fishermen with its unique ecological environment, picturesque views and natural diversity. The Braslav Lakes with total water surface area of 183 km2 are inhabiting area for the big range of the birds nesting in Belarus, over  800 types of plants, and more than 30 species of fish.

The island of Chaichin on the lake of Strusto is interesting to mention as in the middle of it  one own inner lake has appeared. Braslaves are famous with various peninsulas, hills and gulfs and big bowlders by the banks. Tourists from different countries come to the Braslav lakes for the fun of trophy fishing.

They are striving to catch a priceless trophy – a huge pike to set the records in the weigh and length of this deep water beauty, make trophy photos with a fish and set it back free in the lake. What a memorable adventure can it be!

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