Great Grey Owl

Great grey owl

The great grey owl is a large predator of the taiga’s coniferous forests. Distinctive extra-large facial disks direct sound to feather covered ear openings, providing super-sensitive hearing.

It is a raptor, or bird of prey. Its scientific name is Strix nebulosa. The great grey owl has a number of interesting nicknames that suggest the supernatural, including «phantom of the North,» «the great grey ghost» and «spectral owl.»

The great grey owl is mostly grey in color, with variations in shade from light to dark. The eyes are yellow with dark grey rings around them, and they appear quite small in contrast to the owl’s enormous head.

The great grey owl is one of the largest appearing owl species. Its length ranges from 24 to 33 inches (61 to 84 cm). Its wingspan is usually 55 to 56 inches (140 to 142 cm) and can be larger than 5 feet (1.52 m) on some birds.